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Dispatch & Operations Center

The Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) / Metrolink Dispatch and Operations Center (DOC) in Pomona, California is the dispatching hub for Metrolink train service, including other passenger and freight carriers which traverse the SCRRA territory, making it one of the nation’s busiest and most complex rail networks.

A key part of the new Dispatch and Operations Center Project was the construction of a new primary data center facility to house SCRRA’s mission critical IT equipment.

Enabled Consultants provided technical consulting in various areas including: Network Design, Network Engineering, Operations Support, and Disaster Recovery Planning.

Ticket Vending Machine Cellular Backhaul

Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) / Metrolink, a joint powers authority that was formed in 1991 and comprises five county agencies. Metrolink operates 59 stations and facilitates 44,000 daily boardings, all over a 536 route-mile network.

Metrolink operates a network of ticket vending machines (TVM) that are hardline connected at each station. Station construction projects often required the relocation (temporary or permanent) which caused service interruptions resulting in lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction. Enabled Consultants was asked to design and demonstrate a cellular data backhaul prototype as an alternative to the landline network.

Enabled Consultants provided network design and engineering services to successfully demonstrate the cellular backhaul prototype at several station locations throughout the SCRRA operating region.